Tunnels using TBMs

Dr. Bedi is experienced in the design of TBM segmental linings for both soft ground and rock tunnels. He is experienced with open hard-rock TBMs and has spent time on TBM construction sites in both ground conditions.

Our team of engineers have significant experience in the design and construction of mechanised tunnels, using precast concrete linings with conventional or steel fibre reinforcement and cast iron segments. To optimise tunnel segment support, we carefully assess the ground and hydrological conditions, imposed loads and segment arrangement.

Our engineers carefully consider interfaces with cut and cover structures, conventionally mined tunnels or cross passages.

Please contact us to discuss your tunnelling project on +44 (0)7912 201891 or email us.

Temporary Works

We provide complete design solutions for all temporary works aspects associated with the construction of mechanised tunnels. This means that we ensure that the design assumptions are fully understood and properly taken into account.

One of our guiding principles is that all design leaders in charge of major projects must be conversant in several design disciplines.